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Put A Bow On It: An Obsession For All Ages

So, it’s no secret I am obsessed with bows. I wear them all the time. I also think you can wear a bow in your hair at any age. You don’t just have to be a tween like me. You can even be my mom’s age! Bows are for everyone!

And I love two brands in particular (yes, BRANDS). I love Magical Ribbons as my first favorites. They are homemade bows from this super cool girl, Hayley. Now you may be thinking, “Ugh, homemade bows! They are probably so terrible!” NOT! Magical Ribbons have AMAZING quality and most of them are themed. I am so obsessed. In my interview with The Doctor and Amy Pond (Matt Smith and Karen Gillan), I wore the Tardis bow that she designed and they went mental! Yes,  it’s a LIGHT UP TARDIS BOW! SO COOL.

I also buy bows at American Apparel. Now before you groan, listen. They make awesome bows. I don’t get just any bow, though. I only get the big bows! Why? Well, because I have longish hair and I’m always looking for ways to change my look. These big bows are perfect for it. I also experiment with putting my hair in different styles with the bows. Here are three styles that work for me, and maybe they’ll work for you, too.

1.    The Braid Bow

Photographed: Magical Ribbons Briar Rose bow, $10

You take two front pieces of hair and braid them. Then, you pull both braided pieces back and clip them into place with the bow.

2. The Simple Side Sweep

Photographed: American Apparel large purple bow, $14

Take a few of the front pieces of your hair and pull it back into the bow. Clip, and voila!

3. Double Mini French Twist

Photographed: A very old bow from who knows where.

Simply take one strand of hair, twist it, pull it back into a mini bow. Do the same for other side of hair. Clip the other bow!

So that’s my take on bows. I think everyone should go out and put a bow on their hair and post it to the HelloGiggles Facebook page, and my Facebook page!

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