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A few simple reasons why puppies are the world's best friends

FYI, today is National Puppy Day. Now, take the opportunity to ooooh and awwww over any puppy you see today even more than you normally would.

I love all animals equally, but there is something about puppies that make me melt into a puddle of cute. It is a truth universally acknowledged that owning a pet increases a person’s lifespan, so why not adopt a baby ball of fluff? OK obviously DON’T if you can’t take care of a puppy or want to live a life of no responsibility and sheer abandon (which we totally support).  But, if you want a pet, puppies are just about the friendliest creatures on earth; they protect you, love you, and want to be your best friend. And straight up, who wouldn’t want that? Here are just a few reasons why we’re obsessed with these fuzzy cuties. And Happy National Puppy Day to all the baby dogs in your life (of which I hope there are many).

The Puppies to Babies Ratio

At least number-wise. There are 6.2 million puppies born every year in comparison to 4 million human babies. So essentially, every baby in the world could be given at least one puppy. We support that motion.

Puppies lead the perfect life.

When a puppy is born, 90% of the time they are sleeping and other 10% they are eating. Nothing is better than a napping puppy. Nothing.

They are very talented. 

Puppies are very good sniffers. The percentage in their brain devoted to smelling is 40% larger than humans. They can smell things 1,000 times better than we can.

Puppies get lonely when you’re not around.

Since puppies are born with a litter, they are natural social butterflies. Most puppies are extremely social and love being around people.

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