Pup Mistaken for Wanted Bunny in Wrongful ArrestThe Fluffington Post

Police in Tuscon, AZ have released a puppy named Linkie after they mistakenly arrested him during a state-wide bunny hunt. The actual suspect, a rabbit named Flopsy-Poo, has been on the run from authorities for three days after an alleged celery heist at a local Safeway supermarket.

“We regret the error,” said Tuscon police chief Harold Aimes at a press conference Monday. “Linkie just has such poofy white hair, we had no idea he wasn’t a bunny until we brought him back to the station for questioning.”

To the credit of the authorities, the resemblance is uncanny.

“Linkie often gets mistaken for a small white rabbit at the park when running freely through the grass,” says Ryan Maza, a close friend of the dog. “Further, Linkie bounces and leaps when he runs.”

Submitted by Ryan Maza.

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  1. While I know bunnies and dogs can’t interbreed, if they could they would definitely make Linkie. A hoard of cute, floppy Linkies, which would throw the world into adorable chaos.

  2. I guess they finally got around to rebooting “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” – I admit I like Linkie a lot more.

  3. I heard Linkie was involved in an covert operation smuggling in carrots filled with cocaine from Mexico. He has an incredible cover pretending to be a rabbit and then when authorities close in on the drug bust Linkie drops the carrots and runs away as a dog.

  4. Did anyone else notice Tucson was spelled wrong in the article?

  5. There’s speculation that Linkie was raised by wild rabbits in a forest hollow after his mother, also mistaken for a rabbit, was caught by someone named McGregor near his vegetable patch. Linkie was well on his way to becoming king of the rabbits – but he was caught and introduced to “civilization” by aristocratic yuppies.
    Over the years he was taught dog behavior and culture, but the wild rabbit ways never left him, apparently.

  6. This would explain why Linkie has that hat gig with the magician down the street.

  7. Ryan, I hope you are keeping a close eye on Linkie. After such a traumatic event you may have to take him to a therapist. Just make sure he doesn’t start developing a drinking problem.

  8. The City of Tucson heard the cries of the people…. Justice for Linkie! The mayor of Tucson named a day after him… Linkie’s Escape Day! There was a parade and Linkie was the Grand Marshall with his little black tux and bow tie! His friend, Ryan sat next to him in a white tux and bow tie. The crowd cheered when Linkie passed by atop of the bone shaped purple float (haaaaah, clap, clap, whistle, whistle, too cute, too cute!) But what?? Who is that drum major flipping around leading the UA band!? Flopsy Poo?

  9. **Update**

    Authorities have apprehended the actual bunny wanted in connection with the Safeway robbery, and the goddamned thing looks like a dog.

  10. Hmm… I’m still not fully convinced Linkie is a dog. I’m pretty sure I saw him in the park eating carrots… I’m on to you Linkie

  11. Flopsy Poo has done it again D: Good thing Linkie is safe once more, now Flopsy has no where to hide

  12. Justice for Linkie! Now I realize that being cute is a big crime!!! Beware in fooling around Linkie to avoid getting arrested again…

    Anyways, the truth will set you free! Stay cute!

  13. Free Linkie!!!
    Glad he didn’t have to do hard time for a crime he didn’t commit!

    • It was a total Sting Operation. I can say this because I am a close friend of Linkie, as this article clearly states.

  14. Hey everybody, look at me! I’m a bunny! ….num num num

    “Handle every stressful situation like a dog
    If you can’t eat it or play with it……..
    then just pee on it and walk away”