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Pucker Up!

The infamous “kissy face.”  I mean let’s face it – we all do it at least once in our lifetime.  So how about the next time you go to get the camera, or open up Photo Booth, you grab a stick of your finest red.  I’m not usually the lipstick type and I’ve normally just resorted to Softlips as a way of finishing off my daily makeup routine.  But recently I’ve started to envy every girl that could pull off a fabulous red lip!

Not only do I think some added lip color could take an ensemble from glitz to glamorous – I also believe there is an element of sassiness in sporting the latest shade.  So I worked up the courage to go out and purchase some daring colors.  By “daring” I mean something that wasn’t going to make me look like a clown.

I figured out the key in finding the perfect shade is also being able to find a color that you’re comfortable wearing.  Now I know that sounds pretty customary, but sometimes girls go out on a whimsical limb, buying the latest bright orange.  Nothing against orange, I am all about testing the water!  But I’ve discovered that in order to wear the shade like you own it, you’ve got to love it.

As a new buyer of lipstick, I decided to start off somewhat simple and basic. I purchased two Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks in Raspberry Bite and Certainly Red.  Now, for me, these two colors seemed somewhat basic when I bought them (keeping in mind everyone will be different). Testing the shades with my skin tone, I found that these two would add just enough “oomph” to my lips without looking too out of place.

Now for the test run. I decided to put on some Certainly Red first, as the Raspberry Bite appeared a bit bolder than the classic red.  As I put on the Certainly Red it looked too intense.  With no further thought, I smudge on some Raspberry Bite over the top.  Now I was ready for my close-up.

As I sat there, realizing I had just discovered the ins and outs of finding the perfect lipstick, I understood the undeniably classy feeling one gets from a simple alteration in their makeup routine.  By working up the courage to add some drama to my outfit, I went from “calm and collected” to “sassy and chic.”

All it takes to finding the perfect shade is discovering what you feel comfortable in wearing.  I tested the shades I liked and then ended up combining the two. To no surprise – I felt the need to make the classic “kissy face.”  Finally, I was wearing the shade like I owned it –  simply because I loved it!

By Samantha Dickson.

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