PROM NAILS: Dos and Don'ts

Hey ladies (and gents)! Prom time is approaching and even if you’re too young or too old to attend prom, you can still get some fab prom nails. Or make your own prom! You earned it. BCBGeneration has some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.


DO your own manicure if you can’t afford or don’t have the patience to get one. If there’s one thing Pinterest taught us, it’s that there’s no shame in doing your own nails!

DON’T rock talons. Leave long nails to Vampira. Modest shapes are the way to go. We’re not hating on long nails, but if you can collect rain water in them, they’re too long.

DO wear a neutral beige nail color if your dress is bright. You don’t want to overpower your dress! We want to keep the focus on you. But…

DON’T follow the previous rule if you don’t want to. GaGa and Cyndi Lauper have shown us that less isn’t always more.

DO pair a black dress with French tip nails for that Audrey Hepburn Bfast at Tiff’s look.

DON’T put your dress on without giving your nails enough time to dry! It’s better to wait longer than to get nail polish on your clothes. Take your time, use light coats, maybe a base and after waiting dunk your nails in a bowl of ice water, just to be certain.

DO be the guy that rocks a manicure. Ain’t no shame!

Keep it fresh, keep it surprising, keep it real everyone.

Have fun!

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