PROM MAKEUP: Pretty and Pretty Fierce

Hey, did you guys know that prom is coming up? Were you also aware that girls at prom like to wear makeup? Did you know that makeup can be applied to the lips, eyes and skin to create a different look? Am I hungry? Hannah Johnson of An Aesthetic FeastXO Jane and being my Internet BFF is the Dumbledore of Makeup (in that she’s a wizard, not an old dead man – spoilers) and here are some of her inspiring looks that work for prom, parties and puppies. Alliteration. Words.



Here’s her Boardwalk Empire/1920s inspired look. Notice the arched brows, light upturned eyeshadow and Cupid’s bow lips. This is a good choice for a floaty romantic dress. Or a Great Gatsby-inspired look. Or if you’re in The Shining and you went back in time to the 1920s and it’s not really explained – spoilers.



Time to get mod! Here’s a fresh take on Twiggy makeup: black cat eye liner, drawn in bottom lashes and very light blush paired with a barely lighter shade of her original lip color. Hannah keeps it new by leaving her brows a little more natural than a waxed look and doesn’t pile on extremely pale lipstick. Twiggy was the most popular model of the 1960s – spoilers.



If you like the idea of ’60s inspired makeup but don’t want to go full-on Twiggy, here’s a more subtle look. Winged eyeliner is applied to both the top and bottom lids with a peachy pink lip tone. It’s a little bit Mad Men, but not so much that it looks like part of a costume. Sally Draper was so fierce on Mad Men in the most recent episode – spoiler alert, but I have no regrets about spoiling this one.



How lovely and beautiful is this?! Obviously you don’t have to go full on swan and extend your shadow as far as she did, but the softness of her eyeshadow matched with shimmer on her cheekbones and pink lips is just all around lovely. Black Swan was a movie – spoilers.



On the other end of the spectrum you could opt for barely there makeup. Just a hint of shadow, light mascara, and a matte rose lip color give you that natural Virgin Suicides prom look. Which sounds morbid but those girls looked really nice at prom. Before they killed themselves. Spoiler alert, but not really – I mean, come on, it’s in the title.

While I’m on the topic of Kirsten Dunst film roles, here’s a look that will really… turn heads (YYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!).



Anyone who dresses as Marie Antoinette at a non Marie Antoinette themed prom has my full admiration forever. But if you don’t want to take it this far, don’t… lose your head. There’s elements here that you can borrow for a pretty look that will make you… head of your class. I guess what I’m saying is you… won’t have your head severed at your neck, if you know what I mean. Keep the eyeshadow a pinkish tone, lose the beauty mark, brush up on blush and apply a lip stain (as opposed to gloss or lipstick) to get a more practical version of this look. Marie Antoinette died aboard the Titanic, spoilers. OR IS IT?

What makeup do you wear to formal events or do you wear none at all? Discuss!