PROM HAIR: The Unsung Accessory

Sometimes prom hairstyles are overlooked or go the other way and turn into a $300 three hour festival of building tall hair. Matching the right hairstyle to the right dress can be difficult, but we have a few tips. You can also read these tips and say, “LOL DONT CURR” and go your own way and that’s your… promogative. Did you see what I did there? It was terrible.

If your dress is a long, beautiful bohemian gown, go for a loose braid or curly soft waves. Don’t go for a restricted or fancy hairdo!

Like Brigitte Bardot here. I don't know what she's staring at, but I hope she's okay.

Image from

Another great bohemian look is a slightly messy braided up-do. We’re loving this one:

Hair that perfectly matches her dress: that's dedication.

Image from Great Prom Hairstyles.

Prom hair doesn’t have to be all about hairspray and height. Lauren Conrad proves that with a soft, casual hair-do and the right makeup, you can look perfectly prom ready.

Yes we can.

Image from Habit Salon.

Maybe stay away from stuffy hair-dos like this one, UNLESS your prom is Mad Men themed in which case, can I come?

There's gold in them thar hills.

Image from Abigail Steen Diary.

Going for a sexy and classy look? Heck yes! When wearing an elegant strapless dress with a low back, we recommend a sleek up-do. Gwyneth is very good at rocking this look. The Paltrow one.

Sleek as a newly polished doorknob.

Image from Seventeen.

But then there’s that irresistible purposefully messy look. If your dress is short edgy, throw together an anything goes up-do.

It's so hard to look so effortless, isn't it?

Image from Jumping Jac.

Just remember, you don’t need to go over the top with your hair. Stay true to yourself and don’t wear a hairdo that you’re not comfortable with!

Have fun! xo.

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