Project For Awesome 2012

Every December, a very awesome project takes place on YouTube. It’s called “Project For Awesome”, or “P4A”.  This amazing movement was created by none other than John and Hank Green (aka thevlogbrothers on YouTube). On December 17th and 18th, vloggers (like me) created a video promoting their favorite charity in hopes that the charity would gain more awareness (and donations from viewers!). Hundreds of charity videos have already been posted, and over $300,000 has already been raised worldwide! John Green (who you may know as the author of The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns) has spent the last two days highlighting a few videos on his livestream that support charities he really has a connection to. He also tells people to comment as much as they can on that video, because for every comment, John will donate a penny. I was incredibly lucky to have him highlight my video Monday evening! I chose the CURED Foundation which aids research for an allergy inflammatory disease that I have called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. The disease is not well known at  all, but all thanks to John’s help, I’ve actually raised some money for it, and gotten a lot of support!

If you have a YouTube account, watch and comment on as many Project For Awesome videos that you can find today! This is one of the most easiest (and entertaining!) ways to raise money for charity this season!

Merry Christmas! <3

Grace Lynne Evans

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