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Crazy cool products Redditors love

With all of the gimmicks and ploys out there in the world, it can be very difficult to determine which product is worth our money and which isn’t. As a 20-something that works HARD for the money, I like to ensure that I get a nice return on my investment before I invest.

Because those Etsy shops aren’t going to peruse themselves, who better than Redditors, made up of real (mostly) community members, to help us out with the process? They have vouched for some of the most unique products—ranging from hilarious to ingenious—that they think are actually worth running to the store for. So if you have even the vaguest excuse to buy a gift for yourself, a friend, stranger, or family member, you might want to put a few of these on your list.

The Armadillow

How many times has your significant other complained about being the big spoon? Not anymore. The Armadillow is here to ease all your cuddling woes. Snuggle on, my friends.

Wreck This Journal

Explore your creative potential with a journal you can destroy. Wreck This Journal is full of quirky and fun prompts that promote out-of-the-box thinking. The best part of is looking back through it after you’ve completed it!

Lace Anchors

How much time do you waste every day tying and untying your shoes? I’d go so far as to say that the annoyance of tying up my sneaks has prevented me from going on many long-distance runs through the countryside. (That’s a lie; my laziness impedes my running success, and there isn’t a single countryside in site in my neighborhood.) However, lacing up is a huge hassle that, as it turns out, can be avoided. With Lace Anchors, you’ll never tie your laces again. Lace Anchors keep your shoelaces in place without having to tie a bow.

Self-Stirring Mug

Mug and Spoon are no longer an “It” couple, thanks to this self-stirring mug. So if you’re the kind of person who grabs your coffee as you’re running out the door, this product might just be your new best friend. Also, science FTW.

Thumb Ring Page Holder

Say goodbye to hand cramps, page flops, and other reading-related struggles thanks to the thumb ring page holder. (Because holding a book is hard, you guys!)

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