Pretty Little Liars: "A" Day

Got a secret…can you keep it?

For a while, I was hesitant on showing my love of Pretty Little Liars. Well, actually for a while I was hesitant to even watch the show. I usually only watched ABC Family for reruns (Gilmore Girls, Boy Meets World, etc.) and the Christmas movies countdown, but I was talked into watching PLL. My younger sister and cousin, who were 16 and 15 at the time, kept saying, “Come on! It’s so good! Believe me, you’ll like it!” (Little did I know I’d love it.)

Luckily, I got into the show at the right time. There was a first season marathon for those who didn’t watch to catch up. I DVR’ed the shows and my sister and I watched them back-to-back commercial free.

The show is based off of a series of novels by Sara Shepard. It revolves around four best friends – Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell), and Hannah (Ashley Benson). They were separated for a little because their fifth best friend Alison had disappeared and the unknown tore them apart. Alison was the leader of their group. She is what brought them together. We learn a lot about her from flashbacks from each girl. They reunite in the first episode, Ali’s body was found, and they start receiving texts and messages from this “A” character. I think the ladies have perfected their shocked/’what the hell is going on?’ face.

Pretty Little Liars is about the mystery around “A” and Alison’s murder, but it is also about the strong bond of these four girls. It’s that friendship that everyone wants and needs. A bond that is so strong that even if someone (mostly “A”) tries to tear them apart, they come back together stronger than ever.

I sometimes feel like it’s a modern day Now and Then. Each girl reminds me of a character from the movie- Spencer is a Sam, Emily is a Roberta, Hannah is a Chrissy, and Aria is a Teeny. The movie and show are both about a strong friendship between four girls and a murder mystery in a small town. Instead of contacting each other through bells, flashlights and walkie talkies, it’s all through texting. Oh, I just looked it up and it just happens that the writer, Marlene King, wrote the movie and writes for the show. Hmm crazy!

The writing is awesome. I love all of the characters- the liars, the friends, the families, the pretty boys- but Spencer Hastings is my favorite. I look forward to her smart tactics and witty comebacks. Her lines are gold and Troian’s delivery is perfect. In Season One, the “Since Labor Day” line cracks me up every time. If I were ever an actress, this is definitely a role I would want to play. Also, the fact that she gets a lot of cute guys doesn’t hurt!

Sometimes it’s funny to me to think that this teen show makes me eager and excited to watch every week. I have gotten looks and eye rolls from friends and co-workers while talking about the show. But hey it has got me hooked! Between the mystery, the friendships, the relationships and having a good looking/talented cast, it all has me coming back for more.

The season two finale is tonight. I can’t believe it is here. #ADay is here. Yeah, I’m as excited as a teenager. So what! “A” will be revealed. The one person who has been threatening to reveal secrets (sometimes really doing it), placing the letter A everywhere, plotting them against each other, putting them in serious danger, aiding in their arrests- the list goes on and on. Friendships, families, significant others- all threatened to be torn apart. No relationship is safe from “A”. They change their suspicions just as fast as we change ours. Every episode makes you say, “OMG I really think he/she is ‘A’!” Basically any character could be “A” and the PLL people say that the reveal will be shocking!

I’m not going to say who I think is “A” because honestly it’s always changing. Although after talking with my sister, I do have one person at the top of my list. If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it. It’s definitely not one of those shows that you can jump right in and watch. Rent, buy, borrow, DVR the shows, whatever you have to do. Catching up on the series will be worth it, I promise!

Featured Image via . “A” Day Episode Image via ABC Family.

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