I’m not quite sure what I’m best at but I have a feeling that if I look back at the end of my life, I will find that postponing things is at the top of the list. Someone told me that to be a master of something you need to spend 10,000 hours doing whatever it is you are trying to master. I could Google to find out who said that but, well, that’s just not who I am. Apparently, I would rather spend time explaining why not… while watching re-runs of Bones at the same time, of course.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that I have mastered the art of doing anything other than what I’m supposed to be doing. In fact, right now I’m thinking of everything else I could be doing aside from finishing this. You see, my best friend Sophia has started a website called Hello Giggles with two other ladies and has been asking me to write for her. I have already spent a few weeks using “I don’t know what I want to write about” as my excuse but when she told me that I could write about anything I want, the excuses have now turned into this – me wondering when Bones and Booth are going to bone… although I’m pretty sure that would be jumping the shark and I don’t want the show to end.

This train of thought also brings me to Benson and Stabler. The fact that Stabler had a wife set it up so they never would get together but I always hoped they would. However, that indiscretion would completely shatter his good guy image and then I wouldn’t want them to be together because, well, because what kind of person would cheat on his wife? A person I wouldn’t like and Benson deserves better than that. After all, anyone who has watched the show knows that she has been through so much already.

Anyway, none of this matters because Stabler will not be returning to the Special Victims Unit of the NYPD this fall. I kinda knew it was the end for him when he killed that girl but I still hoped my gut was wrong. Alas, it was spot on. Wait, I’m pretty sure I didn’t set out to write about TV show partners. Can you tell that I haven’t taken my A.D.D. medication today?

Um, well, back to postponing….

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