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* cracks knuckles * I’m not one to toot my own horn but I am an excellent gift giver. Okay, well, I’m pretty good. I’m decent at it. I’m GREAT at shopping for myself! Well, I’m great at online shopping, at least!

Anyway, one of my favorite things to do is peruse the Internet for the perfect gift. Because, let’s face facts, scouring stores is way harder and more of a commitment. I’ve always got Etsy or Amazon open on my laptop and if I see anything on Instagram I love I immediately screenshot it to look up later. It’s a sickness. But, as you may be aware, most of my interests involve pop culture and entertainment  (I’m currently staring at, among other things, prints based on Bob’s Burgers, Simpsons toys and two embroideries I made, one with a Miley Cyrus “we run things / things don’t run we” quote and one with a Twin Peaks quote).

I’m 90% more likely to enthusiastically talk to you at a party if we have some pop culture thing in common. It’s just a fact. I’m not necessarily proud of this (yes I am) but it’s my cross to bear in life, okay?

With that in mind, I went scouring the Internet for some of my very favorite entertainment and pop culture holiday gifts. Behold, here’s the best of them.

Groot Toy, Amazon $13

Let’s start it off slow and easy with this amazing Funko Groot toy. If you left Guardians of the Galaxy and didn’t immediately think, “I NEED A DANCING GROOT TOY” well, then, I don’t know what to say. The dancing Groot toy doesn’t come out until December 31st but this non-dancing guy will still hold you (or your loved ones) over until then.

Kigurumi Adult Onesie, Amazon $19.81

Full disclosure, I own three onesie sleeping things and two sleeping rompers so clearly this is an obsession of mine. The Kigurumi I have is the pink owl but these come in everything from the unicorn, to Stitch, to a dragon or cat. They’re so comfy and perfect to have around if you suddenly have to go to a costume party or if you just want to watch Netflix all day!

Simpsons M.A.C. eyelashes, Amazon, $30

My very first pop culture obsession was The Simpsons so when this line was announced I went. . .bonkers. I have an eye shadow set and a lip gloss and a blush (even though I’d never worn blush before purchasing this one) and the nail stickers. The look of everything is incredible but one thing I didn’t get was the lashes (because I’m afraid of putting them on). BUT I think they are super cute and people deserve to be wearing them always. Duh.

Celeb prayer candle by Saint Celebrity, Etsy, $16

(Sorry to any friends I exchange gifts with but, more likely than not you’re getting one of these candles) I seriously bought a million candles from Saint Celebrity. (Okay, maybe 8 or something, IDK.) I got the Beyonce one as a gift and just needed to spread the love. They’re amazing and there are a million different people to choose from and she even does costume ones. I am sold.

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