PollsPoll: What Are You Hoping to Hear President Obama Discuss in His State of the Union Speech?Julia Gazdag

As many of you guys already know, we’ve had a great relationship working with the White House on our WWTDG series! They want to ask you guys what it is you’d like to hear in President Obama’s State of the Union speech this year. We’ll take your poll answers and send it directly to the White House, so fill it out, share it with your friends, because you have a voice and we want you to use it! Feel free to write any issues that you don’t see here in the comments below, we will also take those into account!


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  1. it appears to only let you vote for 1 issue, but i agree that there were several i’d like to vote for!

    Anonymous | 1/20/2012 04:01 pm
  2. There were a lot I’d like to hear about. I picked one, but would really like to hear about all of these – Job creation, keeping the internet free, reducing Wall Street’s influence, equal rights, and fighting for middle class families!

  3. repeal DOMA.

  4. That the U.S. would grant immediate Amnesty to our friends who are here from Mexico, no more breaking up families. Even if you have to do it by Executive Order. Obama 2012!