Please Stop Apologizing Because You Think I Look Older

Please stop apologizing because you think I look older. I get it: you feel it’s insulting but me and the rest of the world shouldn’t find it insulting. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I thought you were in your thirties. What other way do you want me to take it when you set it up like a dang dumb dumb that doesn’t understand social cues? Look, I appear older and wiser cause I HAVE LIVED A LIFE, ya’ll. And I am a huge fan of looking like a woman and not a small child because that is what I am. This obsession to appear younger when you are not is a sham.

When I didn’t have hair on my vagina, I cried everyday. Now that I have hair on my vagina, I am supposed to pretend like I don’t have hair on my vagina? What is going on in this society that we are supposed to be insulted that we look older? Why? What’s the big whoop that I laid in the sun? Smoked a few smokes in my hay day, stayed out late and really didn’t get as much rest as I wanted? That’s my jam and I was living it up. Now, is that lifestyle for everyone? NO. Now we have miracle creams and under eye circle pens, face lifts, chin lifts, Botox, CO2,3 and 4 that makes your skin appear like an infant’s butt. That’s all awesome and good – and believe me, I am a fan of anything that takes away those adults shots of Jager I woofed down on an uncomfortable date.

What I am not okay with is your weird perspective that ‘aging’ is an insult or some form of embarrassment. It is the jam. As you age, you grow into who you are, pay your bills and can afford good wine. Sorry my skin isn’t as sexy as a 13-year-old but you are just going to have to let that go or end up in jail. See ya!

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  • David Dean

    Hard laughs! Love it.

  • Bobbie Aleen Hendron

    I’m 21, and I get both sides. “Oh, I thought you were 16-ish” or “you look 25″. Well, okay. Awesome, and awesome. I’ll age “gracefully”, but if I slap on some more makeup and let the puppies out of the cage (wink), then I can pass for someone who can… Lets see at 18 you get cigarettes and porn… 21 is booze.. 24/25 oh! I could rent a car of documentation wasnt needed! Psh… 25 is still young anyways. So is 30 if your positive. And 40. Age I a mindset! Just don’t go around wearing belly shirts at 50 uses you’re smokin’. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

    Everyone ages. I think it takes a lot of courage in today’s world to say “see these cheeks? No juviderm here!”

  • Karen Taylor

    Wow, I thought from just looking at the picture you were in your teens, I’m sorry! (Tongue firmly in cheek)

  • Chantal Catherine

    You know what’s worse than looking older? Looking younger. I am 24 and I have people constantly tell me that I look about 12. It’s not fun because you get ID’ed ALL the time, people don’t take you seriously, ever (job interviews, at the bank, buying a house) and everyone treats you like a baby. So what if people tell you, you look a bit more mature than you actually are, at least they don’t want to pinch your chubby cheeks and tell you you’re as cute as a button.

  • Sarah Rhea Reveles

    My problem was always when I was younger guys would think I was older and hit on me. When I was 14 I had a 22 y/o guy spot me from his apartment and come running out to talk to me because I thought I was older. That was just creepy!

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