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I like to think that I am pretty laid back and the majority of people don’t annoy me.  I try to look at negatives and turn them into positives, but sometimes, we are all pushed to our limits.  Today is Multiple Personalities Day, which got me thinking about personality traits and which flaw is simply unbearable to be around.  I tend to say one thing and do another, which I blame on being a Pisces (two fish swimming in opposite directions) – well, that’s my excuse, anyway, and I’m sticking to it!  One thing though, guys – if we all simply listened and were aware of how we speak, then maybe, just maybe, the world would be a better place! Vote for which of these treacherous traits raises the red flag for you, or tell us what rattles your cage the most and why in the comments section below.

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  1. Selfishness! Definitely. Most of the traits mentioned above come down to it.

  2. dishonest – the worst, duh.
    conceited/arrogant – get over yourself.
    temperamental – constant ups and downs are exhausting.

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      Anonymous | 3/22/2012 09:03 pm
  3. It really bothers me when people are inconsiderate of others!

  4. I have all of these traits.

  5. I don’t mind it so much when people are arrogant and conceited – only when they talk you down as much as they talk themselves up!

  6. Dishonest implies a level of multiplicity and awareness of the misdemeanour. A person could have any of the other traits and not be aware. Dishonesty requires consideration.

  7. Dishonest! Being turthful and responsible is crucial… especially when it comes to be honest with one’s self, and personal responsibility. Also, respect is fully granted when one is honest.

  8. I really hate pessimists. No matter how good a day your having they always try to kill it.

  9. Ignorant! Especially feigned ignorance.

  10. Intolerant

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