Please Help Our Friend Godi Godar

My name is Asia Yeary and I am fundraising for Godi Godar who is working to preserve the Nsoli Na Mato Rainforest, Lac Tumba in Congo.

Godi Godar, is from the middle of the Nsoli Na Mato rainforest that surrounds Lake(Lac) Tumba in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This rainforest is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Unfortunately, this rainforest is being threatened and now is our time to help protect this land and the plants, animals, and people who depend on the forest. Godi Godar was able to raise funds to get over 1 million acres of the land surveyed.

If we are able to raise $4,000, Godi Godar will be able to return to his region for two months and work with his family, community and the Congolese government land preservation office to explore long term land preservation approaches. You can help Godi Gadar by donating via the Groundwork Opportunities (GO) fundraising page here.

Godi Gadar kindly asks that during this season of giving thanks, we remember to give back to mother nature and give hope to the next generation to come.

Every little bit helps and Godi and I appreciate your support.

Thank you!

100% of your donations will go to Godi’s cause & donations will be matched

* To learn more about the Project: Preserving the Nsoli Na Mato Rainforest, Lac Tumba check out: or on  Facebook

Godi’s vision is to inspire people to live a life of love and peace, respecting and preserving the Earth. Hear more about .

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