Playlist of the Week Playlist of the Week: Autumn Corinne Caputo

YOU GUYS! Playlists of the Week are back! Hooray! I’m sorry for the hiatus, but we’re back in the game! I was torn between which theme to pick for this week. Should it be a Halloween playlist? Should it be an autumn theme? Should I do what every coffee shop is doing and make it a Pumpkin Spice theme? Should I do what all the drugstores are doing and make it an early Christmas theme?

I settled on an Autumn theme, because why not? I love sweaters, hot drinks and music. I’ve been keeping these songs on repeat all week (especially that first track by Jessie Ware. She’s amazing!) and had to share.

Give them a listen, subscribe, and send me some of your favorite tracks for future playlists!!

HelloGiggles: Autumn

Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments
Bastille – Weight Of Living, Pt. II
Geographer – Paris
St. Lucia – Wait for Love
Dominique Pruitt – To Win Your Love
Hungry Kids of Hungary – Let You Down
Young Wonder – Orange
Noosa – Sail
Catcall – Satellites
The Jungle Giants – One of These Days
Vacationer – Trip
Jhameel – Waves

Featured image via ShutterStock.


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  1. Dominique Pruitt’s “To Win Your Love” is incredible!! Her Ep is the BEST!!!

  2. THANK you for this amazing playlist. Can this be a regular thing? I literally just went and downloaded each of these songs.