9 things to put in your planner on Monday mornings for a productive AF week

5. Write down the forecast for each day.

Now you always know what you’re going to wear (and whether you need to do laundry).

6. Spread out phone calls, errands, and emails evenly across the week.

I find this spread is a bit too cluttered to my liking 😟 decided to stick in my little cousin's storybook she made anyways 😢

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You might want to be optimistic and think you’ll get all your chores done in one afternoon. But be realistic: spreading them out means that no one day’s to-do list seems too long.

7. That being said, plan the annoying stuff first.

You’re not going to be productive if something is annoying hanging over your head. It’s science.

8. Make a daily budget.

This doesn’t have to be strict, but keeping a number in your head makes sure you stay on task.

9. Schedule in time to treat yourself every day.

Will it be yoga? Painting your nails? Calling your BFF? Watching the sunset? Reading a book? Whatever it is, make sure you do something every day that excited you β€” after all, work hard, play harder!

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