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Pickled Eggs: Don't Get a Hollow Belly, Read ‘Hollow City'

I very anxiously awaited Hollow City, the follow up to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I adored the first in this series, so when I realized the second had come out, I was all over it like Sriracha on my everything. I was not disappointed. Riggs writes a compelling sequel that toes the line between young adult and “playful adult-adult”, which I have decided needs to be a new category of literature.

I don’t want to go into the plot too much because there are so many exciting twists and turns. It is the type of book I’d read thinking, “Five more pages and I’ll go to bed” and then something amazing would happen and I’d put off bedtime again. The book follows the journey through space and time that the peculiarly gifted children take in their efforts to restore Miss Peregrine from her bird body to her human one. You will learn more details about the alternate universe of the peculiars, who, in addition to their peculiar skills, can travel through time loops. I think Riggs’ alternate world is fascinating. You will find yourself questioning, among other things, the nature of time, human souls, and familial ties. It will behoove you to read the first book to understand fully what is going on. This could be the next Lord of the Rings. Although Peter Jackson will have to wrest the director’s reins away from Tim Burton, who is set to direct the movie.

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