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These people shared the weirdest dates they've ever been on

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We all know that dating can get horribly awkward and downright uncomfortable sometimes, because at the end of the day…people are complicated creatures! In an AskReddit thread, internet users shared their weirdest dates, and these are undoubtedly some of the strangest dates we’ve ever heard. Seriously, all of these incidents could be in the latest blockbuster comedy (slash horror) movie. However, it’s actually just real life at its messiest.

Okay, ready for a giant dose of awkward/relief that these things didn’t happen to you? Us too.

Claireinthesnow wrote,

“Probably one from about 5 years or so back…I had just moved to London, and met this guy on a dating website, he was generally not my type. Still, I was fresh out of a long term damaging relationship and trying to meet new people yada, yada.”

“[While on the date], he takes a call from a girl and he says to her – ‘oh i’m just in the pub with (male roommates name).’ I can hear her on the other end getting worked up about something and him telling her to calm down. Alarm bells already ringing. He hangs up the phone and says ‘that was my fiance, but not a real one, just one i’m with for her visa, [and] oh yeah, I should probably tell you i’m getting married in three weeks’ At this exact point, I just said ‘well, I’m going home.”

Here’s what unofficialswitchfoot revealed:

“The first time I ever used Tinder was also my worst experience with Tinder. The date itself was fine — a little stiff — but fine. Typical questions like what are you studying, where did you grow up, etc. We ate dinner and I didn’t plan on meeting up with him again. The next day I got a text from him saying, “Hey.” I text him back “Hi”. He asks me what’s up, I say not a whole lot what’s up with you…End up getting a HUGE paragraph back talking about his creative process for writing (and trying to direct) a specific type of porno where women crush rats and tarantulas between their breasts. WHAT THE FUCK.”

Ummmmmmmmm. Yeah, WTF?!

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