— But seriously

We're pretty sure people are bewitching their cats to stay in one place with this trick


We love cats because they’re independent, emotionally selective, and the best cuddle buddies in the history of the animal kingdom. But they’re weird creatures. Which is why we’re not surprised that this odd trick people are using on their cats is actually working. We’re also not surprised at how hilarious it is to witness.

A Twitter user posted a few pictures of her mother’s wacky experiment with her cat. According to Pinterest, if you use tape to mark a square on the floor, cats will sit inside the box—and just stay there. It sounds too bizarre to be true, but just see the proof for yourself.

As you can see, Danielle’s mom’s cat just sat there in the square and didn’t move. This weird trick picked up across Twitter and people started doing the same thing to their cats. Naturally, the results are online for the world to see.

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