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People are freaking out about which way you should face in the shower

“Weird I thought facing away was the norm. I feel like I’m drowning if I face into the water.

Apparently, no matter which way you face in the shower, it matters. There’s no halfway. According to a poll conducted by Glamour a few years ago, 64 percent of people face away in the shower, while 21 percent face the water the whole time. The other 15 percent switches it up throughout. How else do you rinse your face wash off if not?

UGH, this sort of changes everything about EVERYTHING, right? If you think too hard about it, you can give yourself a headache — why do you face the way you do? Is this something we inherit? Are taught? As a society, we may never know.

But you now know what you have to do. The next time you shower, try doing it the opposite way. It might be the only way to bring the world together. Knowledge is power, right?

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