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Why It Pays To Spend More On Your Hair

The Precision Work: When you go to a hairdresser with lots of experience and training under their belt, you are going to someone who has the ability to fix those pesky little things you hate about your hair. The way it flips out in that one section when you curl it forward, that cowlick you have at the front of your hairline and how it makes bangs impossible or just how much texture you have in your hair and learning how to work with it. In any of these scenarios, a hairdresser who charges top dollar should be able use their finishing skills and knowledge about styling to fix your problems.

Most of the women who are kind of “splurging” by visiting me in my chair are women who are used to less expensive haircuts and they have surprisingly simple concerns, which can be addressed by working with a stylist who really knows her stuff and takes the time to work through those concerns with you.

The Finishing: I finish every single client the same way every time. I’ve made it a routine so that I never forget to get through the super important elements of my customer service. I always blowdry the hair in a style that my client has decided she wants and explain what she needs to recreate it at home. I also finish with a hairspray or shine spray or whichever product my client prefers and ask her how she likes everything and if there are any changes we should make. Then I walk her up to the reception desk, personally book her next appointment after deciding on a day that works for her, show her the products and tools I used on her in case she wants to take any home or has more questions and then I give her a hug goodbye and send her on her way! I feel that it is part of my duty to finish out my service this way because it shows that I care about the outcome and whether my client is happy. I want a visit to me to feel like visiting your most gracious hostess of a girlfriend at her home, so walking my clients out and making sure they have everything they need is all a part of that. And any salon that values your comfort should do the same.

If you find yourself wanting this kind of an experience, but lacking the necessary funds, don’t say no completely to the idea. Most hair salons offer other less expensive services that you can take advantage of without having to dish out major dollars. Try a deep conditioning treatment (which is usually around $20-$40 and will give your hair smoothness, shine and reparation) or a basic blowout (which usually runs around $35-$65 and lasts about three days).

Another tip is if you wear your hair longer and don’t require a lot of shaping and texturizing in between haircuts, stretch out your haircuts a bit longer and allow a more expensive hairdresser to help you maintain the length. By going to someone who knows how to take off only what’s necessary and give you layers that will grow out very nicely over time, you’ll actually do yourself a favor in allowing for more time in between and a more minimal increase in your hair budget. Plus, you’ll get the advantage of spending an hour each time with a glass of chardonnay and the latest cover of Vogue in hand.

Gigglers, what have your experiences been at different salon types? Do you believe you get what you pay for? Let me know in the comments!

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