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PAY ATTENTION TO ME: The Radioactive Lip Diaries and a Fish Shout-Out

As a human of the moderately materialistic variety, I’ve often found it difficult to connect with nature and get on its level. I would do my best to obtain a doctor’s note for any hiking-related field trips. I think that as a general rule, the ocean is a trap. I don’t think that we are as intimidated by ants as we should be. I have recurring nightmares about sinkholes. Komodo dragons should have never made it onto Noah’s guest list. Nature is the worst.

However, when I came across this National Geographic photograph, I had a change of heart. It was like the universe saw my soul, swallowed it and vomited up this magnificent creature:

Meet the Rosy-lipped Batfish, my beauty icon and spirit animal. I’m devoting at least until the end of this month to impersonating it at every given opportunity. With the help of materialism, of course.

Do you know what I hate even more than when no one texts me back? Even more than when someone realizes that I genuinely think John Mayer’s ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ is a national treasure? Even more than when I catch the first glimpse of stray eyebrow growth in natural light? I hate when I can’t match my lipstick to my lip liner. Not even a ballpark, dim-lighting match. Luckily, Pixi anticipated this crime against vanity and came out with this handy double-sided delight, their Lip&Line Primer. It’s a lip liner and primer that creates a non-feathery canvas for your lipstick and it’s colorblind, meaning that it’s a great companion for all of these little wonders of the world:

Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color! From top to bottom: Big Bang, Crush, Punch Drunk, and FBomb.

These are portly, glossy, creamy, bright crayons for your face — like school supplies for adults. You can wear them as advertised or blot for more of a stained finish instead. Either way, these are not for the faint of heart.

This is Big Bang, a sparkly fuchsia treat for when you’re feeling like a star and no one can stop your shine.

This one is my personal favorite, Crush. It looks like I squeezed a tube of Golden Heavy Body acrylic paint on my lips, which is something that I always secretly wanted to do in a painting class I took a couple years ago. Urban Decay has helped me realize this dream.

I don’t know what to do in front of cameras, so I did this. Also: How great are my impulse-buy sprinkled donut earrings? Anyway, this is Punch Drunk, which is a really flattering orange shade. Flattering? Orange? I don’t know what kind of sorcery Urban Decay is up to, but I won’t question it more than twice. It’s perfect for fall! Perfect for a vacation to the tropics! Perfect for telling your friends that you wish you could afford a vacation to the tropics! It’s just so versatile.

You know I love a good red, and this is a really good one. FBomb is somewhere between brick and stop sign — arguably the best place to be — and I love it. With the precision of a pencil and the staying power of a stray cat, it’s also a great red to experiment with if reds typically make you nervous.

  • Camille Schoenfelder

    Love all of those colours!! I’ve never seen someone pull off so many different colours! Makes me jealous, but also makes me want to find out if I can get them in Australia

    • Cézanne Colvin

      The secret to pulling things off is to just do it. Avoid mirrors if this helps the illusion that you’re rocking it. It’s what I do best — ignorance is bliss! Regardless, these lip pencils/glosses/sticks/WHAT ARE YOU? are all pretty universally flattering, so if you’re comfortable with bold colors, I’m sure you’d look great. I believe that Ulta ships to Australia, but I’m not seeing this specific product on their website, although they do carry Urban Decay products. Hmm… perhaps a more enlightened reader can help you get radioactively lovely? Does anyone know? Help!

    • Lauren Parkinson

      I found them online for Australian readers! It’s $9.40 for the first item delivery from the UK, then an additional $3.20 for extra items. YAY!!! Hope that helps!

  • Ebelin Cabrera

    OMG I had the laugh of my life when I saw the pic of the Rosy-Lipped Batfish! Awesome article though, I’m in love with the winged-eye Bright lips look, very vintage :) And yeah, now I might Have to get the glosses LOL thanks for the tips! Keep ’em coming!

    • Cézanne Colvin

      Thank you! Isn’t that fish just the greatest? I’d just die over a meet-and-greet.

  • Melissa Senger

    Hello my favorite HelloGiggles writer….I need advice. Any ideas of ways I can avoid my hair being all staticky and fly away after I straighten it? I have very thick dry hair and lately after straightening it I look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket.

    • Cézanne Colvin

      Hi! You’re too sweet. ANYWAY! I am not going to officially recommend this product because I haven’t tried it and don’t actually deal with too many flyaways myself, but I did a little scouting for you. Have you tried John Frieda’s Flyaway tamer? It’s pretty affordable and seems to have really great reviews:

      I hope that helps. Somehow.

  • Melissa Senger

    BTW Slow Dancing in a Burning Room is an AMAAAZING song. Even more amazing is Covered in Rain. But he’s still a total d-bag.

    • Cézanne Colvin

      Yeah, I’ve more or less repressed all the interviews I’ve read of his because they make me want to break everything.

  • Kate Ames

    Okay so this makes me want to run home and put some lipstick on. RIGHT NOW.

    • Cézanne Colvin

      I support this urge.

  • Elise Richardson

    You are absolutely stunning! I think I’m gonna have to go out and buy Crush…. it’s swoon worthy!

    • Cézanne Colvin

      Thank you! Let me know what you think!

  • Jennifer Still

    This is a great post! *lights cigarette and hands you my ID*

  • Christine Deaver

    I bought Big Bang a week ago and I’m in LOVE with it! It looks great with everything and draws tons of complements! It’s definitely worth the $.

  • Shereen Zink

    UGH I wish I was brave enough to wear bright lips. The only time I’ve been able to was in Vegas, or in a city where there’s no possibility of me running into someone I might know. It’s always so awkward when someone you see regularly points out that you’ve changed your look.

    • Cézanne Colvin

      Just close your eyes when you walk around. If you can’t see them, they can’t see you. Those are the rules of hide-n-seek/life as we know it, aren’t they? Okay but really, f— ’em attitude aside, you can kinda coax people into accepting the style you want to have. While I prefer seamless overnight transitions, if you don’t typically wear lipstick, just kinda start neutral and get wilder and wilder as the days pass. They’ll just have to deal!

    • Malinda Wallace

      I started out with pigmented glosses, then moved into lip stains and then when you feel comfortable with wearing them as an everyday thing, you won’t even really think about the fact that you’re wearing lipstick. Start with nude shades, and then get a little more adventurous. It should be fun, though! Makeup is fun!

  • Maria Andrea Hernandez

    1. Love this article
    2. Please, please, do something about your eyeliner technique. It looks fabulous in these pictures.

    • Cézanne Colvin

      1. Yay!
      2. Not to sound egotistical, but I’ve had a few requests for this and will definitely do it soon! Thank you!

  • Malinda Wallace

    Do you ever wear matte lipsticks? For some reason I can’t stand wearing a glossy lipstick, but finding matte ones that are affordable and that come in a good range of colors is proving to be excessively difficult. JUST WONDERING IF YOU KNEW OF ANY. Maybe us glossy and matte girls could join forces.

    • Cézanne Colvin

      I’ll dedicate a post to matte lipstick in the next few weeks. Look for it soon! Off the top of my head… hmm, what’s your budget like?

  • Jordan Moeny

    Loving the bold lips (because of you, I snagged some Wet n Wild at CVS the other day), but I have another question for you. What kind of concealer do you use? From the pictures, it looks like you have both pale and not-blotchy skin. I’m pretty pale, and most concealers seem to either be too dark for me or make me break out more. If you say that you just have naturally flawless skin, I will still love everything you write but I may hold a grudge against you deep inside me.

    • Cézanne Colvin

      Thank you! I actually don’t wear any concealer lately, but I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s oil-free foundation and a dusting of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish on top. Laura Mercier concealer is GREAT [!!!] though if you can afford it [it’s a little pricey]. Cautionary tale: I know MAC makes some people break out like crazy for some reason, so if you have really sensitive skin, have a MUA test it on you at the counter and monitor your skin for a little bit before purchasing. No grudges needed; my skin is weird. I promise!

  • Lauren Pauts-Wilson

    You’re awesome. Also, I didn’t think I could ever be jealous of a fish.

  • Becca Robson

    You are so pretty! :)

    • Cézanne Colvin

      Thank you. :3

  • Yvonne Sandoval

    Amazing colors! I was looking for that perfect red shade and you answered my prayers! Thank you so much also what type of eyeliner are you using in your picture?

    • Cézanne Colvin

      In these pictures, I’m wearing Benefit Magic Ink!

  • Kayla L. Minto

    Oh my goodness!! I think we’re related somehow. Really. I do. Where can you buy that lipcrayon?

  • Faye Musielak

    I’ll be honest. I really want the donut earrings.

  • Kourtney Christine

    I wish my lips were nice and full like yours! so jelous!

  • Angela Eubanks

    Your eyeliner is PERFECT!

  • Anne Cheek

    I never thought that orange lipstick would work. I really want some now!

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