The A-to-Zs Of Spec-ta-cleez

Part 2: B is for Buddy Holly

OVERVIEW: I don’t know why but in my mind, I always thought that Buddy Holly was a Jew from the south… until I looked on Wikipedia just now and found out only one of those things was correct – he’s from Texas.  Anyway, I digress.

Talk about making nerds look cool!  Buddy Holly was like the OG cool nerd.  Most nerds who try to be cool nowadays are in some way just being derivative of this guy.  A lot of it obviously has to do with his glasses and a lot of it is also has to do with his flawless assimilation of the glasses into the rest of his flawless nerdy/cool look.  The guitar (swoon), the hair (double swoon), the shnoz (<3)… not to mention the smooth, velvet sounds coming off of his vocal cords, GAH!  The black rimmed glasses were just the icing on that (beef)cake, like whoa!

The real craziness with Buddy Holly is that he died so young and obviously his legend musically lives on forever, along with his epic and now-iconic fashion stee. I actually just heard it’s Buddy Holly’s birthday coming up, so happy birthday, pal – a whole blog post dedicated to how cute and stylish you looked in those spex.

Something that I didn’t realize until recently was that his glasses are a mix between wayfarer and cateye styles, which is pretty non-traditional for a dude.  Cateye is usually a style strictly reserved for the ladies, which just goes to show how showing your soft side is a totally necessity for being a true hottie.

WHAT THESE FRAMES SAY ABOUT YOU: You’re creative, talented, a little emo but still really dreamy and cool.  You’re a romantic above all and would do anything in the name of love – you’d never so much as wince at the opportunity to sweetly serenade your crush.  Oh no!  You’d do it and you’d rock it.  Nothing like hiding behind a pair of thick black frames to create a mini-mystique about yourself.

SHOULD YOU CARE/DARE TO GET LADYLIKE: These frames are just as flattering on ladies as they are on dudes, if not potentially cuter.  Ray-Ban actually makes a cateye’d variation that’s adorbz – see below.

TAKE YOUR OBSESSION TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Boys buy these.  Girls buy these. Or go ahead and get weird, switch ’em around.  I also just noticed that he occasionally sported a black version of these.  Just trying to give you options folks.

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