Parks and Recration: My Heart is Exploding

WARNING: If you have not caught up with Parks & Rec do not read this.

I cried over last week’s Parks & Rec episode.

Because you know what? Ben and Leslie are perfection incarnate, as far as fictional characters go. I just couldn’t even. I lost my ability to even. I was coherent, and then I wasn’t. It was so good. It felt like my heart was bursting. Oh my god, you guys, I am way too emotionally invested in the Leslie Knope universe. On my list of heroes, Leslie Knope is Numero Dos (J.K. Rowling is Numero Uno, she’s a queen, Leslie would agree).

Ben and Leslie are my favorite TV couple, ever. Like, EVER. Rachel and Ross are peasants in comparison to Ben and Leslie. I didn’t think that anyone could ever dethrone Pam and Jim, but there you have it. I adore that Ben and Leslie are so in sync and, obviously, so in love. When they finally got together I may or may not have done a happy dance. Last season, when Ben announced that he was going to be in Washington D.C. for this season, my first thought was, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” You just never know what the TV gods are going to do and if they split Ben and Leslie up, I would have wrecked my TV. In a fit of rage, I would have destroyed my TV, or computer, really, whatever was closest to my unforgiving hand.

However, it all worked out. And now they’re engaged! It was so sweet and perfect. Leslie’s reaction was magnificent. Ben got down on one knee and it was fireworks, puppies, kittens, cupcakes and rainbows after that. I was not expecting that to happen at all. Then I started crying.

I swear, this is the only TV show that has ever made me cry. Lies, The Office made me cry too. The Pam and Jim proposal was glorious. It just so happens that I’m not as emotionally involved with The Office as I am with Parks & Rec. I still cried though. I just like seeing people happy, okay? Even if they’re fictional characters.

Let’s talk about the imminent Ben and Leslie wedding. There’s two scenarios that I can see:

1. Leslie is going to throw an elaborate and crazy party.

2. Leslie is going to plan an elaborate wedding only to get overwhelmed and get married to Ben in Vegas.

Actually, you know what? I don’t know what’s going to happen. Here’s what I what do know: it’s going to be GOOD. Also, I’m probably going to cry again. No shame. I’ve already decided that I’m going to throw a wedding party whenever that episode airs. I’m going to watch that episode with my friends and toast to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Knope’s happiness.

All I know is that I’m going to love it because Parks & Rec will not fail me. I am so excited!

(Now, all I need is for Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins to get together, and my fictional character ships will be fully realized. It needs to happen. Get it together.)

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  • Corinne Paige Rampton

    ” I was coherent, and then I wasn’t.” I had the EXACT same reaction. It was so so so sososos ososoooooo goooooooooood!!!!!! I love them so much!

  • Carly Herron

    hahaha so glad I’m not the only one who cried!

  • Marissa Barker

    I think they’ll try to plan a big wedding, get overwhelmed, then get married in a small ceremony at Lot 48 or the smallest park. Wherever it happens:

    Maid of Honor: Ann Perkins, obvs
    Bridesmaids: April and Donna
    Groomsmen: Tom and Andy
    Officiant: Chris Traeger

    Ron F*cking Swanson will walk Leslie down the aisle (or park path), and Jerry will be an usher and mess up or something, of course.

    Yes, I’ve thought about this too much already. I just love Parks and Rec so hard.

  • David Ruan

    Leslie Knope is the ultimate woman, I shed a few tears when she was voting for herself last season, I cried when she was elected and I cried when Ben proposed, it came from nowhere. I think the key is that all the main characters are likeable and normal and then there’s Leslie who is super likeable. Best show ever.

  • Maria A. Hernandez-Venegas

    I cried when she voted for herself too! I just LOVE Parks & Rec. It is perfection.

  • Rachel Barth

    YES! This was now the third episode to make me cry (the first two being The Smallest Park and Win, Lose, or Draw) and I think the only other show to make me cry was ER.

  • Leraine Tass


  • Alyssa Arsenault

    I love this episode, but I wonder what Amy Poehler was thinking about her own relationship when this was being filmed. Will Arnett isn’t my favorite actor, but I can’t help but get bummed out for her situation in real life :(

  • Stephanie Perry

    I also cried- it was tooo beautiful! thank you for writting this article! not only do i feel better about myself but it’s a wonderful idea to celebrate their wedding. I love Amy Poher and also love that you call them Mr and Mrs Leslie Knope. love love love this show

  • Laura Levatino

    They will definitely get married in a park in Pawnee! Leslie wouldn’t have it any other way!

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