Paper Lantern

Paper lanterns are pretty stunning. They can be as simple as a tea light in a paper bag, or as complex as bamboo hoops with thick decorated paper. The paper lantern has been around for centuries. Originally from Asian culture, it has grown to be a decorative tool for any occasion or space. You can buy paper lanterns at your local craft store. Normally they come in simple white and, well, that is just too boring. Here are some easy steps to follow to bring your paper lantern into the world of color. Once you place your tea light inside, you will get a rainbow of color all over your space – think kaleidoscope. This DIY lends itself well to most all forms of paper. If you want soft light, use a thicker kind of paper so it dulls the light some. If you want lush warm light, use tissue paper with a warm color (red, pink, tan, orange). Make the lantern your own for a one of a kind piece to fit your space.

What you need:

  • Lantern
  • Wrapped Paper
  • Hot glue hun
  • Circle to trace/cut out
  • Scissors

Step 1: Trace circles, cut out MANY circles.

Note: The more circles you cut out, the more lush your lantern can be.

Step 2: Hot glue tip of circle to lantern in circular pattern.

Step 3: Keep gluing in pattern, repeating around lantern ’til it’s all covered.


  • Christina Konze

    So cute! Is there a way we can see it when there’s a light inside it?

  • Stephanie Morris

    Christina. Glad you like it! I will go home tonight and take a shot of it with light. I’ll throw the link up here under the comments tomorrow. Check back :)

  • Stephanie Morris

    Christina, image with light added to the post. Enjoy!

  • Laura Schulte

    loved this idea so much, i couldn’t get it out of my head anf finally did it today, using an ikea lantern and white tissue paper. the lighting is pretty much the same but i like the overall style. gonna do the same with 2 other lanterns (they are all over my apartment), but with white and colorful tissuepaper mixed together.

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