Pali High Student Twerks To Get A #Prom Date

This is cute. He knew she would say yes, so he didn’t need to do all this.

But he did.

Also, T.C. the Security Guard has his own fan page :)

  • Gabby Garlow

    OMG BLESS the best part is when he pulls his pants off xD

  • Julie Christie

    I’m such a sap. This made me cry!! In a good way. To think this kid liked a girl this much (No one has ever liked me this much) to do what he did with a HUGE possibility she would say no. But she said yes and that made me cry. I’m glad she said yes. With all the nasty B.S in the world right now this made my week. It was cute, lighthearted, sweet and innocent! I hope they have a fantastic time at the prom. What a cute story…

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