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Paint Your Face. For A Price.

So I was dragged into Sephora the other day because my mom wanted to see if they carried a certain shade of plum colored lipstick she likes and if it was on sale, because she gets excited about discounts and sales and stuff. While she was doing that, I looked at Katy Perry’s new nail polish line by OPI – the crackle nail polish – and the stuff was so cool. Like really, really cool. So I stared at it awhile and imagined applying it and I felt fancy in my head for a second.

And then I got distracted by a really cool blush brush. Now two things:

1. I don’t wear blush.

2. My Mom doesn’t wear blush. She only wears lipstick and eyeliner.

But still. That blush brush? It looked so cool, and  it made me think, maybe blush isn’t so bad, right, especially when the brush looks so awesome, like a fun toy? And then I looked at the price. It was $29! That’s like 6 weeks of my allowance and probably a little more with tax.


Why does it cost so much to paint your face?  A really crappy lip-gloss could be $20 because it looks so cute and the design is cool. In my opinion, I don’t think this is very fair. I get that there are these make up “malls” where they carry expensive make up and stuff and make it easy to shop for everything you need, but really? Why does it have to cost so much? Why can’t Sephora and those other places carry more cool stuff that is affordable?

I don’t wear makeup on my face (or really know anything about it) and maybe someday I will but right now, I can tell you that in my opinion, just because the packaging looks cute doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna  make you look better or edgier or whatever you’re goal is, when it comes to putting make up on your face. Like, why can’t you just go to your drugstore and buy the normal priced cosmetics? Sure, they won’t have a fancy name but why spend so much money for a red lipstick? Like I said, don’t know a lot about makeup, but I do know a little bit about how to spend my allowance.

And I’d rather get the Katy Perry crackle nail polish that I can afford instead of the fancy one that costs twice as much.

That’s it for now. See you next week, and all the time on Twitter @rubykarp!

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