Page From My Book: THANKS!!

On Thanksgiving, we mostly focus our energy on preparing to deal with family headaches like Aunt Susan’s prune pie or your brother’s annoying habit of farting all day long.  It’s easy to forget that really, the coolest thing about Thanksgiving is actually the reminder it provides to be thankful!

In my family, we don’t say grace; in fact, we don’t even wait for everyone to have his or her plates full of food before we start eating.  It’s with little fanfare that the door is opened, the family swoops in, food is eaten and the mess is cleared.  There is lots of loud laughing and a couple of stories told and then the minivans are reloaded and the house left empty again.  This year, and as I’m learning how fantastic it is to appreciate things in my life, I thought I would dedicate this whole week to being really thankful.  And so here’s a list of the many things I’m thinking about.

I’m so thankful for HelloGiggles and all the adorable people who read and write and work for the site.  I’m thankful for crazy things that exist in this world like gourds and rhubarb, hippos and phosphorescent algae.  Pretty excited that small dogs exist and that they can be carried around in small bags.  I really enjoy movies like Home for the Holidays and When Harry Met Sally.  And I’m especially glad they exist during the holidays.  I’m thankful for the boy that sent me those beautiful flowers, for my mom’s art, my dad’s voicemail messages that he leaves me using his Asian accent (Herrrro Emiry), and my brother’s love of Ke$ha.

I’m thankful that when I go running with my roommate and her dog, the dog loves to check and make sure that I’m still with the pack.  I’m really excited about roller skates.  I’m thankful for YouTube especially, so I can watch all of those great videos of newscasters saying really dumb things.  I’m sure glad that someone invented soup – if I could hug that person, I would.  I love that my neighbors have a sign hanging from their mailbox that I always misread as The Fellatios.  I love pocket squares and pink pants.  The existence of cheese logs is pretty thank-worthy, especially the bright orange ones covered in nuts.

I love all the girls reading self-help books on the train, helps remind me that we are all a little crazy-cakes in our own special way. I’m definitely thankful for all those ladies that have scoured the bottoms of my feet over the years, and I really am thankful that there are people who enjoy rubbing other peoples backs for money.  I’m thankful for the impressive size of Nicki Minaj’s butt and her talent that trumps even the size of that amazing ass.  I’m thankful that there are so many talented people in this world like the creators of the show Revenge.  I’m even thankful for Santa in Thanksgiving Day parades – even though I’m Jewish.  I’m thankful for the food that Indian people created (Indian like India’s Palace, not Native American… but, what the heck, I’m thankful for them too).

So look around today and take note of all the things you love. And when you sit down on Thanksgiving, to the same glorious meal that you’ve enjoyed for years (prune pie excluded), remember the things you are thankful for – and better yet, tell me about it below!

Photo From Worldwide Gourmet.

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