P.S. – I Made This… For GapErica Domesek

There’s nothing more expressive than music and fashion…and when the two collide, inspiration and excitement thrive. If you’re lucky enough to attend this weekend’s Bonaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, swing by Gap’s late-night “Be Bright At Night” event to get crafty and personalize tees. Grab bold paints, patterns, stencils and more to discover why T-I-Y is the new D-I-Y!

Whether you’re attending a music fest or rockin’ out to your own playlist at home, get into the Summer DIY spirit by grabbing a Gap Favorite Tee and create an Aztec print inspired look. Cut up kitchen sponges in various sized triangles, dip into fabric paint and stamp your heart out.

P.S.- plan out your pattern before you start on a piece of paper or fabric scrap. Let dry completely, and then you’re ready to live by the words of The Beach Boys…”T-Shirts, cut-offs and a pair of thongs – we’ve been having fun all summer long.”

Stay Crafty,


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