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These are the things you're overpaying for at restaurants


If you think that extra guac is the only thing setting you and your wallet back, think again: A new study from Plate IQ shows—with horrifying detail—just how much you’re being overcharged by restaurants. And it’s a lot.

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For just one slice of cheese on your burger, you pay an average of 417 percent more than if you’d simply brought your own cheese from home. Each slice of cheese costs a restaurant an average of 29 cents. But since a cheeseburger costs an average of $1.50 more than a regular burger, there’s your 417 percent markup.

Think that’s crazy? Extra cheese is one of the least troublesome offenders, actually. Eating omelettes at restaurants, too, will take a bigger-than-expected bite out of your paycheck. A spinach omelette, which typically costs around $8 but only costs $1.40 to make, has a 471 percent markup.

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It doesn’t end there, though. When you order a veggie-lovers pizza, you’re paying a 525 percent markup, according to the study. Paying up by a few bucks for a few mushrooms and some pepper slices may not seem like a lot. But remember: It only cost the restaurant 32 cents to add those veggies to your serving.

Meanwhile, a margherita pizza allegedly has a 580 percent markup. And meat pizzas are marked up by a whopping 636 percent.

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