Video Chat Karaoke

Our Version of Videochat Karaoke – ‘Countdown' – Beyoncé

So, all of our friends have been doing Videochat Karaoke for HelloGiggles lately. We felt really left out! Just because all of our friends can sing and we can’t doesn’t mean we should be excluded from Videochat Karaoke! Obviously we chose to ‘sing’ to our favorite song ‘Countdown’ off our main girl Beyoncé’s new album 4. We literally think we are killing it in this video. Like, we think we are Beyoncé performing this song in front of thousands of people. Don’t even try telling us we’re not amazing in this performance, because we think we’re rocking it.

London speed it up, Houston rock it!

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  • Sara Sofia

    this is relly good, hey Sophia please, please, please follow me ( GotNothingTo_Do ) and this girl I’m following on twitter to (therealme_D) PLEASE, and i thing you (HelloGiggles) and Moll’s are following this girl. PLEASE
    thank you and loved the video

  • Sara Sofia


  • Dalenna Kircheis

    this is my jam, i legitimately have listening to it on repeat since i got it. also i am not even offended that beyonce said its the song all the hipsters like.

  • Jacqueline Anderson

    i bought this song after seeing this video! haha, i wanted to have this much fun driving in the car to my music!

  • Kate Harmer

    nailed it!

  • Lisle Collins

    Sofifii is a 10
    zooeys’ dressing to the 9’s
    this site’s a pick me up at 8,
    Make me feel so lucky 7
    Compared to this, beyonce is a 6
    Tati as 2pac is 5 out of 5
    The only giggles i live 4
    3 minutes of pure fun
    Hello Giggles is number 1!


    More lyrics:

    • Sophia Rossi

      aww thanks

  • Ashley Miller

    exquisite. the end.

  • Miguel Rodriguez Trujillo III

    this is too much fun,thank you ladies for being cool like that

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