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We at The Heatley Cliff are not ashamed to admit that within us, there is a woman who yearns for the grandeur and gentility of earlier years. We want to be transported to a time where courting involved flowers and poetry, and dancing involved a series of intricate steps that did not involve ‘grinding’. We want to know about stately homes, country estates and how to hire a “domestic”. So once we’re done watching Downton Abbey, we reach for our stack of The Lady magazine.

The Lady magazine is England’s longest running weekly women’s magazine. It has been in publication since 1885 and was founded by Thomas Gibson Bowles, who also founded Vanity Fair. The Lady  was given a re-vamp in 2008 by the journalistic genius Rachel Johnson and there is even a Channel 4 program chronicling this achievement called The Lady and the ReVamp.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that The Lady will appeal to that 60 or 70-year0old woman that may be living inside of you. And for Amy and I, our inner senior citizen finally gets to rattle its chintz cage when we get to read this magazine.

Headlines such as these literally make us reach for the sherry and some white gloves to drink it with:

“England’s Great Stately Home – Which one get’s your vote?”

“Wallis Uncovered- How Mrs. Simpson REALLY bewitched her King”

“Highland Bling – Live Like a Laird on Loch Ness”

“I was Diana’s Bridesmaid… and didn’t even get to taste the cake”

“The REAL DOWNTON ABBEY– A cuppa with Lady Carnavon”

“How to Knit Your Own Cat”

“I was blamed for Leading Pippa Middleton Astray”

I know – it’s a welcome break from the usual headlines one sees while waiting in line at the supermarket (and you know I’m talking about that whole Miley Cyrus and the birthday cake thing).

But the best part about The Lady is the “Appointments” section. If you want a chance to fantasize about being a caretaker on a estate in the heart of England or a nanny for a lonely boy in Switzerland, then head straight to the back and check out the employment opportunities that may be screaming your name. Plus, you get to see that people besides Mary Crawley actually DO NEED BUTLERS!

If you yearn for a magazine with a touch of class, domesticity, gentility and timelessness then tune in this week to The Heatley Cliff for more insight into our fave weekly publication, The Lady.

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