Teaspoon of Happy
  • Letting Go

    To let go and move on: It can be a terrifying proposition. It signals that something is over, far away, past. It’s…

    Sarah May Bates
  • I Don't Know

    And that’s okay. When you’re stuck in a place where you wish you knew the answer to something: whether or not to…

    Sarah May Bates
  • The Answer Is You

    What is she thinking? Is he mad? What did I do? What is that look for? Is he cheating? Why are we…

    Sarah May Bates
  • A tribute to going for it

    Life could use a healthy dose of 1980’s romantic comedy.  You know, a good “pretty cry” scene, a break-up chase in the…

    Sarah May Bates
  • More Than Half-Full

    Be a positive force. Pollute the well with rainbows and hearts! And as soon as the dark tar of negativity enters your…

    Sarah May Bates
  • Know and Love

    When a loved one constantly disappoints you time and time again: a friend, parent, sibling, spouse; someone you have in your life…

    Sarah May Bates
  • Ouch, My Heart

    OR, What It Means to Be a Grown Up. One of the most difficult and hard to accept lessons of adulthood is…

    Sarah May Bates
  • Fat Thoughts

    So you think you’re fat. And let me guess, you also think if you were just skinny, you’d be so happy and…

    Sarah May Bates

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