Teaspoon of Happy
  • When Negative Equals Positive

    Every struggle bears a rare fruit. It has the power to reveal a very key piece of our personality. Our most difficult…

    Sarah May Bates
  • The Art Of Taking Jerks With A Grain Of Salt

    Why are people are rude, mean and just plain old evil? There are a variety of reasons and the truth is you…

    Sarah May Bates
  • Stress Case

    When you’re overwhelmed with work deadlines, life deadlines, laundry, thank you cards, a doctor’s appointment, ten papers that are due tomorrow, a…

    Sarah May Bates
  • Popular

    What does it mean to be popular? That everyone loves you or wants to know you. You’re gregarious, cool, a very important…

    Sarah May Bates
  • Beautiful Snowflakes

    And handsome ones. Short ones. Muscly ones. Not to mention the bald ones with large, round bellies. Everyone is like an amazing…

    Sarah May Bates
  • Eye to Eye

    Sometimes it’s hard not to look at certain people as lame. Or dumb or ignorant or untalented or whatever else you can…

    Sarah May Bates
  • Worst Day Ever

    You know those days when you’re just feeling kinda poopy, but then you shrug it off and talk yourself out of it….

    Sarah May Bates
  • Drama Queen

    There’s such a thing as comfort in chaos. Many a time when you’re the one with answers, it feels like being the…

    Sarah May Bates

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