Love Hartley
  • It's all about Valerie!

    Hey Gigglers – ’tis the season for sparkle and confidence! Did you ever stare in the mirror and wish you could hide…

    Cymone Hartley

    The one thing I love about summer is that I can have fun and be creative with bright colors, and in this…

    Cymone Hartley
  • Flower Power

    It’s that time agaim, Gigglers – are you ready for another fun fashion Tuesday? I am, and I’m so excited to share…

    Cymone Hartley
  • Art, Style, EtcSparkling Knit

    Hey Gigglers, I think we are due for a little fashion fix with chunky knit and cute booties. For this episode of…

    Cymone Hartley
  • Turquoise and Khaki

    Are you ready to soak up some sun, have a BBQ, go on a road trip, hang out with friends and just…

    Cymone Hartley
  • The Yellow Dress

    Hey Gigglers, feeling for a little fashion fix on this fabulous Tuesday? Check out my 4th episode from my ‘Styling Actions’ Series…

    Cymone Hartley
  • SweetHeart

    Every girl loves to just dress up and feel like a beauty queen, and I have to admit, I felt a bit…

    Cymone Hartley

    Summer is wrapping up, along with our casual summer looks. I’m ready to trade in my tank tops and denim skirts for…

    Cymone Hartley

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