Avoiding Awkward Situations
  • Leave a (Non-Awkward) Message After the Tone

    Due to many readers’ requests for advice regarding leaving voice messages, that’s what I’ve decided to talk about. If you couldn’t guess,…

    Eliza Hurwitz
  • When Ordering Food, Hold the Awkward

    Whenever I go to a restaurant, café, bar or any place where I have to order something, I forget how to talk…

    Eliza Hurwitz
  • Parties

    I celebrated my graduation party this past weekend. As a shy person, I tend to get nervous about big social gatherings, especially…

    Eliza Hurwitz
  • Tripping

    I don’t know if it’s because I have genetically weak ankles or the ground I’m walking on has it in for me,…

    Eliza Hurwitz
  • Branding Yourself!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I’m shy or just awkward. Then I was like, “Don’t get down on yourself; you…

    Eliza Hurwitz
  • Doors – Push or Pull?

    It seems I face this difficult question every day of my life. Most of the time it’s okay: I’m with friends, I…

    Eliza Hurwitz

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