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Meet Ella Green.  A professional-organizer-to-the-stars whose own life is often, er, a mess.

Today she organizes uber-earth-conscious Bones star Emily Deschanel.  Is using A/C really like giving the air AIDS? Maybe.

Here’s a little Order, She Wrote.

(Hi.  Nice to meet ya, Hello Giggles.  Order, She Wrote is based on my life as a celebrity organizer and love-life clutterer.  Yes, indeedy.  Love, Fay)

  • Patricia Magadán Vilamañe

    is that her real house???

  • Tanya Saracho

    I’ve tried to watch this video on my iPhone, iPad and on my computer and it stops and starts. I’m watching whole movies on netflix, but for some reason I can’t get past 23 seconds of this video. I really want to watch! I love Fay and Emily!

  • Anonymous

    I need to know where that mustache painting is from!

  • Anonymous

    that was so funny. I love Emily.

  • Peter French

    Fay Wolf is incredible! Good looking and great timing. Hope to see more of her.

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  • Karla Marie Piñeiro

    Hahaha! That looks exactly like my desk. I even have a smaller version of that skeleton.

  • Crystal Reeves

    I wonder if that is Emily’s real house because I was totally looking at that address lol… Ok I’m going to stop being a stalker :) Emily is awesome, I lover her

  • Elizabeth Zero

    Loved it! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had awkward moments that include not removing my shoes upon entering homes and upset folks who discovered I own a microwave.

  • Karlita Cajas

    Hahahaha….the final part with the jar was so cute…! hahaha Emily <3

  • Matthew Granat

    awesome as usual, Emily!

  • Ricci Guillarte

    I love this video! Seriously! :) I need more of EmDesch! :) She’s my goddess! :)

  • Ali Wood

    Yey, Emily! :D This is very lovely!

  • Melody Lim Ke Li

    I WANT MORE OF EMILY DESCHANEL! She is sooo adorable!!!

  • Keziah Keren Therese Delastrico

    “I just need to do my insulation. I don’t want my A/C to murder the outside. It’s like giving the air AIDS.” LOL! loved this! Hilarious!

  • Rachel Elizabeth Fender

    Why is healthy hippy? That annoys me a bit, the rest was funny tho

  • Sil Calabro

    I loved it! Emily is so funny and cute!

  • Adrian Humphrey

    also, my sister’s favorite parts are when Emily says “Those are all mine.” about the Prius’ and also when Ella says “I just don’t wanna eat that hippie food.”

  • Adrian Humphrey

    Emily makes me smile.

  • Nell Fultz

    Whenever something involves Liz Feldman and Emily Deschanel it’s always pure amazingness. Has anyone seen Emily on This Just Out? It’s hilarious! I wonder when this was filmed! Emily doesn’t look pregnant at all!

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