Oprah's Favorite Facial: Is It Legit?

Sealing in all the good stuff

Well, duh. It’s Oprah’s favorite facial and the woman can have anything she wants. But let me tell you all about it.

I am a pretty regular customer of Bliss spas. I am at one of the two Los Angeles locations (in the Westwood and Hollywood W Hotels) at least once a month getting a facial or a massage or whatever it is I think I need on that particular day to feel a little more awesome about myself.

Recently I was in New York and Bliss kindly offered to host me for their famous, Oprah-approved Triple Oxygen Facial (remember that episode? When she talked about finding your passion in life and how the owner of Bliss’ passion is extraction AKA popping zits?) and a manicure and pedicure.

I completely accepted, but at the same time was a little apprehensive knowing that I’d have to write up the experience for HelloGiggles and if, God forbid, anything went awry, I’d have to report that to you when I’m generally quite happy with the services they offer. I also knew that I’d be on a tight schedule that day and since relaxing is hard for me no matter where I am, I might be impatient and feeling undeserving of a morning full of pampering. That’s my first and really only rule of spa days: Be prepared to spend time there! Don’t drop a bunch of money so you can rush the process.

My experience at the flagship location in SoHo was awesome, as always. I hate to say it (’cause I’m so loyal to my regular facialist in LA), but I preferred the services – specifically Dorothy, the esthetician. They’ll always give your shoulders and feet a little rub between each step of the process, but Dorothy was serious. And on top of that, she explained each and every stage of the facial as she was doing it, warning me in advance of any weird sensations I might experience and why they’d happen in the first place.

Another plus? I’m always ashamed to admit to my facialist why I might have breakouts, clogged pores or extra dry skin. It’s like admitting indiscretions to your doctor: For the best experience and most information, you should do it, but it’s real embarrassing to look someone in the eye and admit what you’ve done wrong. I smoke cigarettes (I hang my head every time I even write this), I sometimes pass out with my make up on (for shame), and yes, I drink a glass of wine or two with dinner almost every night (whatever). Dorothy wasn’t judgmental at all; in fact, she was real cool and normal about it. I think her response to my list of vices was something along the lines of, “You know what? Whatever you need to do to relax is okay. You are young and you only live once.”

God bless you, Dorothy.

Here’s the thing: By the time I was done with the facial, not only was I feeling about as good as I was going to feel that day, I was antsy. My skin felt clean and pretty and I’d been lying down on a heated bed for over an hour and a half. Just as I suspected when I was booking the appointment, I had a hard time sitting through my manicure and pedicure, which is normally one of my favorite things in the world.

So while I wanted to stand up and put on my street clothes and run around New York, I sat back with a little snack and tried to wait as patiently as possible as I got a first rate nail treatment. I know. My life is so hard.

After my nails were done, I realized that my hair was a hot mess from the facial, so I took a quick shower and used Bliss’ awesome complimentary products and styling tools to pull myself together. For real? The only part of the experience that I wasn’t pleased with was ME! If you’re going to have a day at the spa, you need to have a day at the spa. No meetings scheduled right after, no rushing there because you scheduled it as early as possible to squeeze it in your day, no messing up your pedicure because you were too impatient to let it dry. You either need to let it happen as it’s going to happen and enjoy yourself or not bother with it at all, ’cause it ain’t cheap!

Overall, my morning at Bliss was great. As I write this, I’m on day four of the manicure and it’s still holding up without a chip. My skin feels incredible and I can only feel one little pimple fighting its way to the surface of my skin, and bee-tee-dubs, that’s not only normal after this kind of treatment, but healthy. A facial helps all the gross stuff that’s sitting under your skin rise to the top so it can be gone for good. I’ll definitely continue to employ their services here in L.A. and look forward to going back to the SoHo location for treatments next time I’m in town.

For a little visual guide, I’ve put together this gallery of photos from my experience. And yes, I clearly have lost any sanity or sense of shame I’ve ever had because no one in their right mind would post photos of themselves looking like this on the Internet. Check it out if you want to see my face absorbing oxygen and my nails wearing their new favorite color: Knockout Pout by Essie.

[Full Disclosure: This is not an ad for Bliss, but they did provide these services at this location gratis. I have been and will continue to be a paying customer for any future services.]