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Here at Hello Giggles, we love our TV shows. We also love chatting with you each week about the latest story lines and plot twists on those shows. But are we covering all of the shows that YOU love too? Our Open Threads are currently following “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Pretty Little Liars” and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and “New York“. Listed below are some other shows that are returning and premiering this summer. Let us know which ones you want to discuss!

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  1. Drop Dead Diva for the win!

  2. Pretty Little Liars!

  3. Definitely Drop Dead Diva and Bunheads.

  4. The First 48 is one of my favorite shows. I find it extremely interesting. Kind of makes me want to be a homicide detective, which is maybe a little morbid.

  5. Drop Dead Diva!!! Such a great show. :)

  6. Would love some discussion for any of the USA Network summer shows – Royal Pains, Suits, Necessary Roughness.

  7. I am secretly liking “The Client List” but it might be a little age inappropriate for this site because of JLH character’s job.

    Julia Louis- Dryfus’s new HBO show “Veep” is absolutely hilarious. If you like Larry David’s work or the Daily Show then you’ll love this show. I must say this is by far the best writing I’ve seen for a comedy this year.

  8. Weeds!

  9. I’m loving Bunheads! Sutton Foster!

  10. ooh! I think you should discuss “Dallas”! I am totally obsessed after last night’s season premiere. c:

  11. vampire diaries! is my teenageness showing?

    • I heart that show too but I think it’s disqualified from this list b/c it does not have a summer season. Looking forward to the fall though.

  12. The Glades and Bunheads please! I don’t have HBO or those other movie channels so I can’t watch a lot of them. And I never find time to watch online. There’s too much else to distract me online. :)

  13. I would have voted for “Girls” but the season finale is this Sunday. So bring on the True Blood!

  14. Drop Dead Diva, Bunheads, Jane By Design or White Collar (although new episodes won’t start until July 10). With DDD you can still dish on Kim K without having to delve into the (un)reality tv bin…and PLEASE no Snooki for me.

  15. Game of Thrones!!