Open Thread: All Things ‘Real Housewives'

This post is dedicated to any and all discussions about tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

How is Ashley handling her new Vegas lifestyle? Is Teresa ruining Melissa & Joe’s marriage or is she destroying her relationship with her only sibling?

The show starts tonight at 10:00pm EST, but this thread’s here all day. Let’s discuss!

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  • molls

    Yeah, I’ll get this conversation going:

    1) I am completely obsessed with Kathy’s sister Rosie. I think she’s the most sane and interesting person on the cast this year and I would watch a spin-off of her living with her mother in a second.

    2) I’m not really loving any of the Housewives this season except for Kathy. It’s so sad how they’ve all figured out what they need to do to get camera time and fulfill their story lines. Obviously a large part of that is driven by producers, but between Caroline picking on Lauren’s weight (what mother would ever talk like that about her daughter on national television?) and Teresa’s inability to just leave her pride behind and do what she needs to do to make her family a solid unit again, I’m pretty much over this group.

    3) I’m really concerned for Ashlee. Really concerned. I hope that she finds her way.

  • Chrissa Hardy

    These women often behave like children so I can’t help but focus on the personalities and behaviors of their kids.
    I feel terrible for Gia, it’s clear that the drama with Joe “going away” is getting to her and she’s starting to take on a parental role with her little sisters. Also, Milania seems like kind of a mini monster, no?
    Ashlee is a hot mess that can’t even figure out how to get on an airplane! (I seriously hope that was scripted) Space from Jacqueline is clearly what she needs though.
    I love, LOVE Kathy’s kids. Well-behaved, normal and hilarious, her and Rich have raised them well.
    I used to be 100% Team Manzo. The protective mama-bear thing is something I can totally relate to. However, she and Lauren are participating in the drama rather than walking away from it, which is kind of disappointing.

    **Also, where in the world is Kim G??

    • molls

      I don’t feel great about judging someone else’s parenting because I’ve never had to be a parent myself and I was taught that commenting on someone’s parenting is like, the rudest thing you can do, but HEY! It’s a reality show, so let’s dish:

      Re: Gia — She’s at an awkward age for reality TV. I think she’s about 10/11 now. When she was grilling Joe in the car about being in AC with other women, you could tell that she’s completely aware of what that means, yet not old enough to have much more than an outburst about it.

      Re: Milania– This may sound awful, but she reminds me of my puppy. The way that I raised him was with SUCH little discipline because I had a hard time correcting his behavior. I thought it was cute when he’d munch on my arm or beg for food, so until recently, I never did much to stop it. The downside of that was that he acted out constantly. I think that’s exactly what we’re seeing with Milania.

      Re: Ashlee – She seems spoiled and entitled but also a product of her environment. I think that the way the Manzo’s look at her (with frustration and a bit of disgust) really says it all. The girl never figured out how to act right, but is that really her fault? Seems like she maybe felt tossed to the side early on in her life (when Jacquline married Chris) and became stubborn and bratty as a result. And fun fact: I’m obsessed with stalking her Twitter.

      Re: Victoria and Joe (is that his name?) – Last season the GIANT photos of Victoria that covered her own bedroom freaked me out. I was convinced that she was Ashlee #2, but all I’ve seen from those kids is maturity, good behavior and hard work. I love that family.

      The Manzos have been a big disappointment to me this season. I used to be convinced that they were this perfect family, but I think they might be kind of snobbish. Like, nose up in the air re: everyone else, yet also participating in a reality television show and in their own ways, contributing and fueling everyone else’s drama.

    • Chrissa Hardy

      That’s a very good point. I cannot imagine growing up on a reality show. And I would never judge the parenting of someone I know but because it’s TV, I feel the freedom to do so. (insert Hunger Games reference here, because we are clearly getting more desensitized) With Ashlee, they all act like they live in the real world and they can’t believe she acts that way but she does have a certain amount of fame. That must be so strange.
      And even though she bugs me, I’m clicking ‘Follow’ on her twitter as we speak because it must be insanely entertaining. Congrats Ashlee, I concede.

  • Patrice Callender

    Rosie! She is my girl. When she said that Teresa Doran’t see her as a threat because she lives at home with her mom, I immediately thought that if Rosie & Mom: We at the the house was a show I wouldwatch the business out of it.

    • molls

      I thought that was so honest and insightful. And I loved her trying to shut down that ditsy girl at the Goddess party. Like, how she wasn’t even having it and once she realized that this girl was like, not even worth trying to be defensive toward, how she just kind of nodded and turned her head. Rosie’s a damn classic. I really hope that the cameras never turn her into an evil person.

  • molls

    Also, are we feeling Melissa Gorga’s “How Many Times (Dear Joe)”

  • Veronica Garcia

    I really dislike the Manzo boys. I never knew they were so arrogant and mean to Lauren. Well, Chris the younger one always seemed pompous but the older one (to lazy to look up his name) seemed nicer….I wonder why anyone bothers talking to Teresa. I have wondered that since the second seasson. It seems she is always having her own conversation regardless of what anyone is saying to her….I like Ashlee. I wish she would come stay with my parents. they would get her straightened up…. Sometimes I want to grab Teresa and Melissa and Joey Gorga and sit them down in a circle. We’d have a feather exercise where only the one with the feather can speak and until they pass it to you you must stay quiet.

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