Open Thread: All Things Real Housewives of New York

This post is dedicated to any and all discussions about tonight’s season premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New York!

How will the three new housewives get along with Sonja, Ramona and Countess LuAnne? Will Ramona hit the Pinot within the first 10 minutes?

The show starts tonight at 9:00pm EST, but this thread’s here all day. Let’s discuss!

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Image via US Magazine
  • Chelsea Oscarson

    Ramona looks great in her LBD

  • Chrissa Hardy

    I’m really looking forward to getting to know the new ladies. I was sick of Alex and the never-ending Jill/Ramona feud. I’m hoping Sonja is in a better place this season, emotionally, because she used to be super fun. We’ll see!

  • Laura Haas

    Alex was getting under my skin too. Ramona is always so focused on what other people think, I’m curious to see how she reacts with the new ladies, too bad I don’t have cable–crossing my fingers for hulu!

  • Chrissa Hardy

    I LOVE the new housewives….so far. They make Sonja and Ramona look like psychos.

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