This post is dedicated to any and all discussions about tonight’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars!”

Were you expecting Jenna to be lying about not being blind? Do you think the girls will keep yet  another secret? Do you think Spencer will confront Melissa about her lost pregnancy?

The show starts tonight at 8:00pm EST, but this thread is here all day. Let’s discuss!

Image via Poptower

  • Kristy Dijksman

    I cannot wait to watch again! I always have to download the episode a day after it’s aired as I am from Europe and they don’t have the show in The Netherlands (isn’t it rediculous?) I have thought from the beginning that Jenna was lying for a long time, but I wasn’t sure. Also I don’t think there is much to get out of Melissa, she is always quite hostile. But I do think she has something to do with the dissappearance of Alison.

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