Open Thread: All Things "Pretty Little Liars"

This post is dedicated to any and all discussions relating to tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars!

Splitting up is never a good idea, right? This week, two of the girls hunt for answers and the other two get answers they were not expecting. We are so excited to see what happens next!

The show starts tonight at 8:00pm EST, but this thread’s here all day. Let’s discuss!

Image via Poptower

  • Rebecca Jayne Barrett

    I can’t wait for the new episode! PLL is better than any show on air…it has all the genres, and keeps you anticipating for every new episode! :)

  • Rebecca Jayne Barrett

    *I couldn’t wait, I meant. It was last night.

  • Sally Katelin Downs Smith

    I never though I would ever watch PLL, I always considered myself a more MSNBC type of girl. But I recently watched it on Netflix and I LOVE it!! PLL and Vampire Diaries are my new guilty pleasures (along with the Real Housewives). I am a full Spencer and Toby fan!!!

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