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This post is dedicated to any and all discussions about tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars!

What a crazy season premiere that was! There are so many interweaving lies coming to light, we can hardly keep up! Who was helping Mona? Who drove Emily to the grave site?  We can’t wait to find out!

The show starts tonight at 8:00pm EST, but this thread’s here all day. Let’s discuss!

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  1. Loveeee this show! And I’m 29. No judgement. I don’t think Spencer is A, but I think Aria COULD be. Only because she was the last person to be seen with the red coat before the mysterious red-coated person visited Mona in the finale. Anyone remember?

    Also, the books are kinda my guilty pleasure for when I’m trying to relax and not think so much. I’m on Book 3, and they are meh in their writing skills but interestingly enough. But I hate hate haaate the descriptions of the characters in the books because they don’t match the show and having seen the show first, it really bugs me.

  2. totally not weird to be 25 and LOVING it. i’m 27 with a 17 year old cousin that roped me into this show. it’s amazing and intriguing and i’m all for anyone of any age watching it. also, “Bitch can SEEE!!” ha. possibly the best line of the series.

  3. I missed the premiere?! :O(

  4. “Bitch can see!” – Aria Montgomery. LOL I’ve got nothing more to say but this; PLL is Amazeballs!

  5. @ Amanda , Phew Thanks for helping me feel less guilty now! LOL, I
    hope Spencer isn’t A, she was the one I depended on to be level
    headed! She does always go missing when ever someone

  6. I think the books are probably terrible. I can’t say I have read them, but they’re that written-by-committee youth lit crap.

  7. There are BOOKS?! I love being one of those, “ah the books are SO much better.” Entering Kindle store….now.

    Chrissa Hardy | 6/12/2012 08:06 pm
  8. I almost forgot PLL was on tonight! Thank goodness for DVR:)
    I’m hoping they’ll go more into Mona’s storyline- kind of explaining how she did it all, gathered all the information.

  9. I always thought Spencer was A. She’s too Type A not to be. I haven’t read the books, but apparently the villain changes ever book. So anything is possible.

    Also, it’s not sad to love this show at 25. I’m 31! What is sad is loving Secret Life of the American Teen after you are 14.

    Oh what, I love that too.

  10. Anyone think Wren is on the A team too? Maybe if the gals let their handsome boyfriends in on the secrets…they’d find out more. I guess they tried that. But so far we still have Jenna, Lucas, Mona, Wren, Garret, and Melissa all potentially involved? I think Jenna has A, so far she’s been the only one crazy enough to have a BODY, but may be its someone she hasn’t met. I’m still perplexed as to why Mrs. Hastings is Garrett’s lawyer? Ah it weird to be 25 and in love with PLL? I hope not!

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