Open Thread: All Things ‘Parks & Rec'

This post is dedicated to any and all discussions about Parks and Recreation! Knope 2012!

Love Leslie and Ben? Can’t get enough of Tom and Anne? Us, too! Plus, the election’s coming up. How will YOU vote? We vote Knope.

The episodes starts 9:30/8:30c, but this thread’s here all day. We’d love to chit chat with you!

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  • Rachel Callihan

    If Leslie wins, celebration party at the Snake Hole Lounge? AmIRight?!

  • Erin Thomas-Admire

    ILOVE everything about this show. Leslie’s waffle/ben/anne love, Andy and April (pretty much anything Andy says cracks me up….especially last week with his Burt Macklin bit) Donna and Tom (i need a Treat Yo Self shirt now) and Ron F%$&in Swanson! Best comedy ensemble ever!!!

    • Rachael Graham

      AGREED!! best comedy on TV right now!!

  • Chrissa Hardy

    Team Janet Snakehole!! Love that classy broad.

  • Anna Whittemore

    Leslie is AHMAZIN’!

  • Michelle Escobar

    I want to see Jean-Ralphio’s scarf that matches his shirt he’s been talking about on twitter! <3 Jean-Ralphio

  • Emma Wagner

    this show has literally inspired me to do SOMETHING with my life. If Leslie Knope can make that pit into a park. i can surely do SOMETHING.
    <3 always, Janet Snakehole

  • Jackie Torres

    Treat Yo Self!

  • Corey Podell

    I shall celebrate her victory (or loss) with waffles and whip cream!

  • Bri Repasky

    I adore Parks and Rec. My husband and I were living in Indiana when the show first came on the air. I’m a huge Amy fan, and my husband loves Aziz, so we had to watch! We instantly loved it, and have watched every episode since. This is the only tv show on the air right now that can make both of us literally laugh out loud multiple times per episode. I wish the episode were longer. I’m adoring Raul Rudd’s cameo performances in the recent episodes, and I can’t wait to see what he does on the show tonight!

  • Torre Healy

    Can we talk about how we are going to SAVE THIS SHOW! Nbc is cancelling it after a shortened next season. We obviously can’t let this happen…

    • Molly McAleer

      The only thing you can do is watch! And talk about it!

    • Chrissa Hardy

      Oh em gee, are you serious?? I didn’t realize a decision had been made. Should we send NBC a million cans of whip cream in protest?

    • Caroline Jeffery

      that has not been confirmed yet.

  • Jessica Smith

    I ADORE Parks and Rec! I am not really feeling the whole Ann and Tom relationship though. I love Ann and Chris!

  • Sarah Gollhofer

    I can’t seem to find a credible source on their renewal. Do we know yet if there will be another season?!?!
    The season finale was awesome, by the way.

  • Angelia Jones

    Parks and Rec, 30 Rock , and Community are all only being renewed for one, shortened season (13 episodes)

  • Chrissa Hardy

    It’s hard to comment on a season finale without spoiler alerting so I’ll just say DANG this episode is awesome!

  • Chrissa Hardy

    If you have more to say about this awesome show (and how we seriously need to save it!) or if you still need to queue up the episode from your DVR and would like to discuss with us later, come to the forum! I opened a new thread under Ones to Watch called ALL THINGS PARKS & REC.

  • Lauren Taylor

    Parks & Rec doesn’t have an official decision made yet. 30 Rock has been renewed for the final shortened season. Community has been renewed for 13 episodes. It’s not a final season (it could be, but it’s not being given the whole “final season” thing like 30 Rock). There is no official decision announced on Parks & Rec, but it’s likely to get the same thing as Community. Keep up with, they post news as soon as it’s found out. They’re the best official source for this. I’m not sure what triggered the “NBC cancels 30 Rock, Community, and Parks & Rec” panic earlier, but it isn’t true.

  • Angelia Jones

    Yep, 30 Rock and Community have only 13 episodes next season. IF and a big IF Community goes another season after that, they will lose Chevy Chase. Which NBC confirming the pick up of 5 new shows, it’s unlikely that they’ll keep Community.

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