This post is dedicated to any and all discussions relating to tonight’s episode of “Bunheads!”

How cute is Boo, crushing on Melanie’s brother! Do you feel bad for Sasha now that her home life has been revealed or are you still not feeling how nasty she is to the girls? Do you think Michelle moving into the guest house will help her relationship with Fanny?

The show starts tonight at 9:00pm EST, but this thread is here all day. Let’s discuss!

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  1. I love watching new shows on TV, but this one blows my mind! I love it! I’m thinking that Sasha will slowly open up to Michelle, though remain nasty to the girls. I don’t know what to think about the entire situation with her. I hope she can change for the better. I’m excited for Michelle. She’s going to find herself and probably find more than she bargained for.

  2. I adore this show. I’m so happy Amy Sherman-Palladino has another show on TV.

  3. I missed it too!

    Michelle Escobar | 7/09/2012 08:07 am
  4. I have been waiting for the new episode for two weeks! Looking forward to it.

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