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Why It's Okay To Eat Two Big Macs A Day

Dear Monopoly game at McDonald’s,

I’m just writing to let you know I love you. And not in a I-love-you-like-a-friend, Facebook-me-sometime kind of way. But in a you-complete-me, you-jump-I-jump kind of way. You make it justifiable to eat a Big Mac for lunch… and then another for dinner. You make it okay to pick up an extra order of fries at all hours of the day (and night). Best of all? you make every meal feel like Christmas. Peeling back the two small squares… what will I get?? The Pacific Avenue piece I’ve been searching for to win that new boat or that trip for four to the Superbowl? Or will it be a sixth Reading Railroad piece that I’ll offer to a friend (while making them promise me half the prize if it helps them win something)? Maybe it’ll be an instant win of a free small soda. Oh the possibilities!

Of course, this is no new love affair. It started long ago, when I was 10 and my mom started working Wednesday nights, leaving my dad to provide dinner. And provide he did – a weekly trip to the delicious Golden Arches. And that’s when I discovered you, Monopoly game, one chilly Autumn night. As soon as I peeled back that first square, I was gleefully hooked. I became obsessed, making my dad load his tray with supersized fries and bags full of Big Macs so I could get a few more wonderful little game pieces.

Have you ever let me win? No, of course not.  But I still love you. You’ve taught me so much, McMonopoly. You taught me persistence and perseverance. I’ll keep playing you each year – I will not give up! You taught me to hold on to hope, even when I have nothing more than 12 Baltic Avenues and a slight belly ache. And, you taught me about real love: you showed me that there is nothing my dad won’t do for his youngest daughter – including eating Filet-O-Fish sandwiches every week just because they came with game pieces. Now that’s love.

We’re 16 years strong, you beautiful annual occurrence, you. While your prizes may have changed through the years, your game never has. You’re as reliable as the board game on which you were based that sits safely in my parents basement – and a heck of a lot more delicious. As long as you keep coming around each year, I’ll be there to lovingly collect your pieces.

Peace, love and McNuggets,

Molly Jay.

You can read more from Molly Jay on her blog.

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