I considered it a personal victory the first time I made a decent cup of coffee at home. I’ve tried adding my own whip, making my own iced coffee.. it just never tastes the same as my delicious nine-word Fritalian splurge drinks. I do not have the magic barista touch or the fancy steamer gadgets. I do what I can though, with my BFF Don Francisco and his girl Friday, CoffeeMate.

Luckily for me and all of my fellow Pinterest fanatics, skills and steamers are no longer necessary to enjoy beautifully crafted beverages that look just as magnificent as they do yummy. So here, for your perusing pleasure, are some fantastic pics of latte art.


Images via Pinterest


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  1. Art comes in many forms. Some are very annoying. Some are just like marketing – there to catch your eye. Art can be that extra window on your wall. Minipictures, handpainted, was once sent like postcards. Here is art found in an unusuall place. It doesn´t have to make sence. Here it is just fun. A little surprise.

  2. Do you think that by the time they are finished with the drawing the latte is cold ?

  3. On a side note, Ooh La Latte is the name of a drive thru coffee place in my town where the waiters dress in lingerie.

  4. This so cool and looks tasty… kind of inspiring.

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